Technology is vital to the success of almost every Organization in every industry. Whether it's healthcare, banking, retail, or any other industry, the constant is the need of technology and the right skilled people.

The rapid changes in the technology and faster adaptation is leading to a huge skill gap in the industry as well. How can you have the right skilled personnel at the right time? How can you outsource your IT services to the right vendor who has the right capabilities to deliver? These are some of the constant challenges the Organization are facing today.

We at Sellcraft Global Solutions understand these challenges very well. Our Leadership team have varied experience for top IT Companies who work closely with the teams and our clients to provide quality services consistently.

Company Overview

Sellcraft, established in 1987, is a leading Global Software Consulting Services provider. With over 500 employees, we have completed more than 2000 person-years of software development, IT consulting, e-learning and web design services for a vast clientele. Our technology consulting services are built on the solid foundation of nearly three decades of leadership. Sellcraft is headquartered in the city of Pune in India, with offices spread around the country. Sellcraft also has Global Office in North Dublin, Ohio USA. Sellcraft has a unique work culture and ethics – a combination of a friendly, fun work environment and a rigorous attention to quality. This results in a very low attrition rate, high employee morale and strong customer satisfaction. With over 30 years of experience in shared services and an unparalleled focus on quality, best practices, efficient process integration and proven methodologies, Sellcraft is the preferred IT partner for most of the top Organizations.