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2024 could be the year that NFTs make the leap to a practical and seamless means of real world interaction.

Can big tech's market power be reined in by placing their products and services within emerging blockchain ecosystems?

BFSI, supply chain, and healthcare - Blockchain tech has penetrated deep into the big three. Experts say defense systems are up next.




trillion is the predicted business value of blockchain by 2030



Number of cryptocurrencies in the global market



billion is the total 2021 funding to start-ups in the blockchain space



Predicted global spending on blockchain solutions by 2023 in billion

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Unlocking blockchain interoperability for healthcare

Even EHRs are relics of the past, now that blockchain has enabled interoperability. Here's how the healthcare space has unlocked the power of blockchain.

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Unregulated reign comes to hard stop

As emerging technologies have rapidly started driving new business models, governments worldwide must develop, modify, and enforce regulations to protect consumers against unfair activities while letting innovation thrive.

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How will AI change the decentralized ledger?

Want to know how blockchain and AI will work together and how AI will change the decentralized ledger? Read along.

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Apps bring relief to regulation concerns

Decentralized apps or dApps exist on decentralized ledgers that support smart contracts (not bitcoin). Such apps have numerous advantages over traditional ones. Learn more about the advantages but also the risks.

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