Banking on innovation

Banking is moving beyond banks. As banking services become embedded in other sectors, firms are pushing their traditional boundaries to build cross-industry ecosystems and create value at every stage of the customer journey. This boundaryless model, supported by the right intelligence, helps create innovative offerings and experiences. And a humane approach to banking—based on inclusivity and sustainability—drives holistic growth.

SGS stood out to us because, in our opinion, they had the best understanding of what it meant to us to be unburdened.

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Customer experience management suite

Data-driven, automation-led suite to rethink customer interactions across key service areas.

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Cognitive assurance for risk and compliance

A suite of solutions to drive intelligent interventions in risk information and control assurance.

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Early warning framework for risk management

A machine learning-based framework to track, assess, and manage counterparties' risks in real time.

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Financial crime compliance offerings

A range of solutions and services to strengthen defenses against financial crime.

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Cyber vigilance platform

Analytics-backed managed detection and response services to proactively tackle cyber threats.

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