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Cyber-physical systems, IoT, cloud computing, and AI in manufacturing lines and supply chains – Industry 4.0 is taking shape right now!

What does 26% CAGR look like? More than 25 billion active IoT devices touching almost all aspects of our lives by 2030.

The global chip shortage is projected to shrink the IoT market by 10–15 percent - how will supply chain issues get resolved?




trillion, the global projected market size by 2030



spike in Google search hits for metaverse-related jobs



global revenue opportunity in metaverse by 2030



value of virtual goods on the metaverse per year

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Metaverse shopping - Is it coming sooner than we realize?

Will the Metaverse dramatically change how we make purchases? Most likely, but it will be at least ten years before the technology that makes this possible even approaches the public. However, by reconsidering how they construct their technology stacks and design their customer journeys, retail organizations may begin to prepare for it.

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How secure is personal data in the metaverses?

Despite the exponential growth pattern, personal data privacy advocates are constantly lashing out at the potential threats metaverses tend to pose. A lot of this comes from the fact that metaverses use AR/VR hardware devices that collect biometric data, which is then transmitted to the application over the 5G network.

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Metaverse-led disruption: How to prepare for it?

The metaverses have gained prominence because they are location-independent virtual platforms that are equally or more engaging than the real world. If leveraged effectively, they can reduce overheads and optimize profits — the reason businesses are pouring in billions of dollars to create metaverses.

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Metaverses are the new treasure trove every big tech is after

With acquisitions and product rollouts happening now and then, the rush for the pedestal is getting even more exciting. Let's delve deeper into what each tech company is up to and how they plan to utilize their resources to build virtual universes.

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