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The SGS vaccination league- a shot in the arm for the Indian COVID-19 immunization mandate.

Targeted intraoperative radiotherapy or single-dose radiotherapy takes about 30 minutes – Is this the biggest breakthrough yet in breast cancer care?

A renewed, progressive focus on the three Es in building a sustainable healthcare infrastructure: equity, excellence, and expansion.




billion is the expected global market value of AI in healthcare by 2027



billion is the projected market size of wearable devices by 2029



CAGR from 2022 to 2030 of the global healthcare in metaverse market



Share of global expenditure on health by high-income countries

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Can the metaverse change the future of medicine?

The potential of healthcare solutions in the metaverse is immense. The core objective of the metaverse is to bring people closer by creating environments that simulate reality. This notion aligns with the needs and aspirations of every healthcare provider that wants to extend care and medicine with minimal logistical blockers.

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The unstoppable rise and future of incredible wearables

Wearable technology refers to electronic devices worn as accessories such as watches or jewelry. These wearables are powered by microprocessors and can send and receive data via the Internet. That is why they are also at the forefront of the Internet of Things

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Stamp-sized ultrasound imaging machines: not sci-fi but reality

Wearable ultrasound devices can be a part of an ecosystem that already includes fitness trackers and smartwatches. Moreover, wearable bio-sensors could become common in the years to come. AI and health technology will join hands to ensure a brighter future for everyone.

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With AI, oncology steps into a world of precision medicine and diagnosis

AI can bring about significant changes in healthcare. These will lead to a new understanding of the causes, nature, and treatment of disease.The impact of AI on oncology could be tremendous. From screening to detection to treatment, Big Data makes a big difference.

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