I have been working at Sellcraft since Dec 2016 and have found the senior management here to be approachable and open to discussion. The Company has a stated growth plan and has made genuine efforts to achieve the same.
The Company values its employees and when you see fresh ideas being shared and then implemented too, It invariably motivates the employees.
While the nature of work ensures fresh challenges are thrown our way each day, it gives one immense satisfaction to overcome the same duly backed by full support from the team. The management does not shy away from parsing honest efforts wherever they are made. Work wise, Sellcraft has given me an enrich experience as well as regular opportunities to display my professional skills. The work life balance is satisfactory as well. I recommend this company to anyone who is keen to keep learning and to grow.

Vijayeta Rohilla Bhattacharyya

It is a pleasure to work with ‘Sellcraft Global Solutions’. The support from Management & Seniors is great, they actually try to understand & help employees. They help us to share the views and ideas, which are actually implemented in the organization. It is an awesome place to work

Team Lead

Management is good & quick, very responsive and provide good working environment. Trainings are held frequently to upskill the employees. Great growth opportunities and amazing work culture

Harshada Bharati

Working at SGS is a great pleasure for me. SGS management has a great ability to tap the potential in its employees and put them in a place where one can succeed. One of the good thing about SGS is its open and transparent culture. Senior Management is approachable and receptive to new ideas. It is my privilege to work in a group of very talented, motivated individuals who are ready to lend advice, share knowledge, and help me perform my best. SGS stands apart from other employers because this company enables us to balance our work life and family life seamlessly. In all a great place to work for

Chandan Jaiswal
Linux System Administrator

It’s being great to be associated with Sellcraft since last 3 years (since 2015). Not only for beginners but also for the experienced employees there is lot more to learn & get good exposure towards client handling / new skills to learn/ knowledge sharing. Friendly environment with the management as well with the colleagues working on the floor. The right place to learn and grow

Varsha Kamble

I started my career from Sellcraft and over the years I have learnt a lot.Most important is that I enjoy my work. The management and team are very supportive and it keeps us motivated to work. It has been an amazing experience and I am glad to be a part of SGS

Nirmala Chavan
Team Lead

Sellcraft is an organization which provides a good platform for learning and enhancing our skills. Cooperative team members and seniors. It’s really good being a part of Sellcraft team

Pooja Shukla
IT Recruiter

I started my career in recruitment from Sellcraft. Working with many clients for C2H as well as permanent positions for different skills. I am enjoying my work!! The team is very supportive and motivational. It’s a good experience working with Sellcraft

IT Recruiter

I joined as a fresher. Three most important things for me at SGS– Employee Friendly Company, Importance to Work-life Balance and amazing team (Culture) to work with

IT Recruiter

Sellcraft Global Solutions (SGS) is a great place to work, here is a list of reasons why I like- Family environment, friendly Managers and Management, flexibility in work, great co-workers, employees are happy and motivated and good reputation so I proudly tell I work here.

Team Lead

Having worked for Sellcraft for over 4.5 years, I could say “this company makes each and every employee feel valued. I enjoy working here because Management are very approachable and caring, better work life balance, good opportunity for career growth, positive atmosphere to work. All our colleagues are friendly and supportive. Thanks to Sellcraft for giving me this enriching experience!

Sony Limbu
Lead HR

Thanks to the new Management to consider us to be a part of Sellcraft Global Solutions Pvt Ltd (SGS). New Management has empowered us with lot of responsibilities with freedom. Support and trust which the management has shown to me is unbelievable. We are getting treated as assets of our Organization. We are enjoying our professional life here with everybody’s support, co-operation, love and affection.

Dattatraya Ghule
Finance Manager